Easy Unlock Instructions For Samsung Galaxy SL I9003

Step By Step Instructions to Unlock Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 by Code

  1. Insert a non accepted SIM card on your phone
  2. Your phone will now display “SIM network unlock PIN” or “enter network code” GET YOUR SAMSUNG GALAXY SL I9003 UNLOCK CODE
  3. Enter the unlock code and press unlock
  4. Code accepted or network unlock successful phone will reboot
  5. Your phone is now unlocked to any GSM network

If the phone does not give the prompt to enter unlock PIN or network code, then:

  1. Switch ON your phone with a NOT ACCEPTED SIM Card
  2. Compose: #7465625*638*CODE# (or *#7465625*638*CODE#).
  3. Phone may reboot.


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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Unlocking Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 Safe?

Yes, we only processes on your phone, which will protect your phone from being damaged. We also protect your credit card and personal information as well.

Will your unlock code remove the branding on my Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 handset?

The logo or the “Splash Screen” has been programmed into your Samsung Galaxy SL phone by the company where you bought it from. It doesn’t mean anything about which company now provides your phone service. Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 phone removes the electronic restriction that prevents your phone from working with other SIMs from other wireless services. It doesn’t change your splash screen.

It is only possible to de-brand a handset (remove any operator logos, backgrounds, screensavers etc.) by using a cable + software solution. Using unlock codes alone will not remove the branding.

Will the unlock codes damage my Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 phone?

Removing the network restriction on your Samsung Galaxy SL phone with unlock codes is the safest form of unlocking available. You simply enter the necessary codes directly into your Samsung Galaxy SL phone via the keypad to remove the network restriction.

How do I know if my Samsung Galaxy SL phone will work internationally?

North American GSM cell phones work on 1900 MHz and sometimes also 850 MHz. Most other countries have GSM networks on 900 or 1800 MHz.

Check on the website of your mobile phone manufacturer to see which frequencies your model phone supports.

Is It legal? Does It Void Your Warranty?

Yes it is legal to unlock your phone and No it does not void manufacturers warranties. The Service provider will in most cases unlock the phone for you at a much higher cost (Example, we charge $10 CAD for a Nokia, Rogers Wireless unlock solution, a Canadian network service provider may charge you $250 CAD for the exact same service).

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