Steps to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

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Step By Step Instructions to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 by code
  1. Insert a non accepted SIM card on your phone
  2. Your phone will now display “SIM network unlock PIN” or “enter network code”  GET UNLOCK CODE FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 I9100
  3. Enter the unlock code and press unlock
  4. Code accepted or network unlock successful phone will reboot
  5. Your phone is now unlocked to any GSM network

If the phone does not give the prompt to enter unlock PIN or network code, then:

  1. Switch ON your phone with a NOT ACCEPTED SIM Card
  2. Compose: #7465625*638*CODE# (or *#7465625*638*CODE#).
  3. Phone may reboot.


Benefits and Details to the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Unlock Code Service

Some of the great benefits of unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 phone include:

Your cell phone can be compatible to use on any of 670 GSM Networks in over 200 countries including most areas across the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and the world.

You will never suffer from paying exorbitant roaming fees for your cell phone ever again.

You will have the freedom to change to almost any GSM Network – any time you want and wherever you may be.

You will enjoy the great flexibility of using an unlocked mobile phone – you don’t have to buy multiple cell phones just to get to other service plans when you can have just one unlocked cell phone.

You will own an unlocked cell phone which has a higher value than a locked cell – this is actually a wise investment in the long term because you can sell your unlocked cell for a good price when you decide to upgrade to another model.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S2 Safe?

Yes, we only processes on your phone, which will protect your phone from being damaged. We also protect your credit card and personal information as well.

Can I Use My Samsung Galaxy S2 On My Original Network?

Yes, you will notice no difference to your phone until you try to put in a sim card from another network, then you will notice that your phone can be used with other networks sim card.

Are You Sure I Can Do This, I am not a Techy?

We have helped over 30,000 customer unlock phones since 2003, once you do it, you will be surprised how easy our easy to follow instructions and guidance makes the process for you to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2. We are not techy either.

Can I switch to any network?

GSM network YES, CDMA or iDen, No, unlocking we do only applies to GSM Networks, those are networks that use card cards. You can tell this by typing in *#06# and getting your IMEI # or my checking if your phone takes a SIM card.

Online Business scare me, how can I trust you?

We have been doing this for years? We are the only full unlocking business accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), if that does not build trust, not sure what does. Also we use Google Checkout and Paypal for payments, since we find the are very safe. We have looked at hundreds of options to keep your transaction safe and found this to be the best. You can also read our customer feedback, we love feedback. If you are still not sure, download the eBook and read and get to know Global Unlock first. We want you to feel comfortable since unlocking is a team effort, we completely guide.

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